here doggie, doggie

here doggie, doggie

me and a Friend’s pussycat

me and a Friend’s pussycat

on wide plains where the sun hadn’t shine yet where is the snow

Just beautiful, this proves there is absolutely a God <3

Walking, riding, cruising down by the shore thinking where is the beach at

"WE don’t have time to care bear the christian hearts of glass
you’re gonna have to be tough grow up and join the adult party
we have to be competitive worldwide
life isn’t a fairytale
i insist on a happy ending but spare me the melodrama"

JESUS AIR where liftoff and landing is in the hands of the lord
Jesus air jesus air
we’d love to take you there however
creationism can’t make things work properly
but you don’t need a plane ticket to faith travel…….

can you imagine hearing that way back in the coach cabin (Mitt Romney literally Can’t)
beliefs don’t get that plane in the air


if you have a problem with science and contemporary thinking then don’t use it any of it go live on faith alone… faith and freedom

freedom from material things
don’t you know you have a right to blight

"you’re all just as atheist as Dawkins you’re just not admitting it to yourself….
ok then forgo the wheel and all the other tools that excise you from the Lord.
give yourselves to nirvana for all i care cause you’d be useless after that
or you could contribute to the Human Theology
this patchwork of progress
based and borne from True Goodness and Honest Observations"

UGANDA (don’t let slick rick bullshit fool ya) JESUS DON’T MAKE THE PLANES FLY

and you MFs need planes more than most others

another perfect example of a third world country desperate to be first world and choosing religion as the vehicle .. well that was the wrong answer..
stupid MFs KLMFAO

don’t worry there’s plenty of room for failed states
the right answer is more difficult
what kind of advice were you expecting from southern missionaries you Dumb Mfs thought they were really out to help you LOL

math and science that’s what makes you a first world country that is the correct answer

"better luck next generation maybe they’ll figure it out meanwhile killing witch children and hating homos isn’t going to help your economy"